Breeding a Homozygous Recessive Organism for Three Autosomal Genes

Teachers Provided for Students
Breeding Homozygous Dustbears - Teachers Guide (website) All four Problems - PFD File     Word File
Breeding Homozygous Dustbears - Teachers Guide PDF file Form A, Form B, Form C, Form D (Word Files)
Probability and Dustbears (website) Instructional Website - Breeding Homozygous Organisms
Probability and Dustbears PDF file Breeding Homozygous Organisms PDF file.  (Note; Must be printed in color).
Dust Bear: Blue eyes, green Solid cuticle and two terminal claws.


Students are given a wild type strain and four other strains homozygous for a single autosomal recessive mutation of the mythical creature, the dustbear.  Students must design a series of crosses to produce one of four different lines of dustbears homozygous for three of those four recessive traits. These problems solvable with knowledge of Mendelian genetics but require careful design of a series of crosses.

Resources are presented as problem sheets for students (pdf files and Word files), two teaching guides/answer keys for teachers (pdf and htm files) and a supporting instructional website.  

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